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Some videos we thought you might enjoy and some we like as well. Just sort of nice and OK without being nasty

Movies Climbing a Tower over 1700ft tall Funny Football Movies Wheelbarrow Race Office Politics Unusual World Records Time Lapse Motorbikes Polar Bear Cartoons Harmless Pranks Bus and street car Ronaldinho Nike Trainer Run Football training Aerobatic Sukhoi Jet Old people fun Tow a Caravan Bad day at the office Cold icy morning Hungry Caveman

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David Hasselhoff Hippo v Wild Dog Penguin dance

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Polar Bears in cartoons - Very funny

Polar Bear Cartoons

Collection of hilarious moves about the adventures of a polar bear

Stairway to heaven - Climbing 1780 ft without vertigo
Wheelbarrow Race - Very Clever
Office Politics enters a new Level

Funny Football

 In football things don't always go the way you might think

Penguin Movie

Wanna see some Penguins dance to the funky music? Great Animation
Hippo v Wild Dog - Who is the star around here ?
Paris Hilton's New Music Video "Stars Are Blind"

Time Lapse

Time is changed to make the world go much faster

Incredible World Record Movies : Part 2
Bus and street car - who has the right of way
Interview with Ronaldinho Brazil's International Footballer

Unusual World Records

Some people will do the most unusual things to get into the record books

Music Video - David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff - "Jump In My Car"
Nike Run

Harmless Pranks

All this pranks are funny, yet harmless fun.

Real Life Pac-Man
Secret football training camp somewhere near you
Super Aerobatics of a Sukhoi Jet Fighter


A few motorbike stunts here and one where a guy falls of his bike after showing off

What old people do for fun
How not to tow a Caravan
Bad day at the office
A cold icy morning and Murphy's Law
Hungry Caveman

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